1.  Do I have to pay for the service of finding a piano teacher?
We are pleased to inform you that you do not need to pay for the service. Our service is free for you. We only take a commission from the teacher when the class is confirmed.

2. If I find the teacher unsuitable, can I change to another teacher?
Yes, in the event that you find the teacher unsuitable, please inform teacher and let us know so that we can help you source for another more suitable teacher.

3. Is there any lesson on the 5th week?
Fees are charged based on 4 lessons but it is possible to have lessons on the 5th week upon your own arrangement with the teacher. Kindly note that fees will be payable for the lesson on the 5th week too.

4. Is it possible to verify the piano teacher’s qualifications?
Yes. Upon the request of the student, the piano teacher can produce her certificates as proof of her acquired qualifications on the first lesson.

5. How is payment of fees made?
Payment of fees for 4 lessons are made on the first lesson of the month.
Some teachers, however, may charge on a monthly basis instead of 4 lessons in a month.
Pls enquire from teacher on their payment system before confirming them. Thank you.