Piano Fees

Piano Grade Duration per Lesson

(At student’s home)

Monthly Fees

(4 Lessons)

Comparison* with Established Music School
(At their studio)
Beginners 45 mins $160 – $180 $170 – $180
Grade 1 to 2 45 mins $170 – $200 $180 – $200
Grade 3 to 4 45 mins $180 – $220 $190 – $220
Grade 5 to 6 1 hr $220 – $280 $240 – $280
Grade 7 to 8 1 hr $280 – $340 $280 – $340
Diploma 1 hr $300 – $400 $300 – $400

*For fee comparison with the established music studio, please note that music schools also charge a one-time registration fee of about $30 and their schedules must be adhered to strictly whereas there is no registration fee for 1-1 private class with us and there is this flexibility of rescheduling your lessons in the event the student cannot have lesson, provided advance notice is given and rescheduling of lesson is not done regularly.

There are some factors that determine the difference in the piano teachers’ fees:

1. Full-Time/ Part-Time Basis
Full-time piano teachers generally command higher piano lesson fees compared to someone who teaches on a Part-time basis.

2. Teachers’ Qualifications
A piano teacher with higher qualification like Degree or Diploma in Music will command higher piano lesson fees than teachers with only Grade 8 or lower qualifications.

3. Teaching Experience
The number of years of piano teaching experience also matter. Generally, a teacher with a longer number of years commands a higher piano lesson rate.

4. Lessons at Student’s Home / Teacher’s Studio
Lessons at student’s home will require a higher fee as the teacher will factor in additional transportation charges. The accessibility of the student’s home also plays a role in determining the fees. Student’s homes which are not accessible by public transport will require additional transportation charges as well.

5. Market Fee Structure
Most teachers charge a fee increment when the students advance to the next higher grade. For lower grades, usually most piano teachers charge a minimum of $20/ month increment. For higher grades, the increment may vary depending on the particular piano teacher’s hourly rate.

6. Very Young Student
Some teacher may recommend a shorter lesson duration like 30 mins per lesson. This will depend on the attention span of the each child.

7. Adult Student
The fees indicated above are for students who are children below the age of 14. Fees for adult students will be higher. The reason being most adults take a shorter time to learn the whole course and some are also unable to stick to the weekly agreed time slot due to their work commitment or various reasons. As such, teachers may charge a small premium to cover for the inconveniences.

8. Learning for Leisure
Learning for Leisure can be tailored to your specific needs of learning classical, jazz, pop or even for a specific occasion like wedding, engagement, proposal or simply to delight someone you love. Fees will be quoted according to the skill level of the individual.

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