Piano Lessons

Learn Piano for Beginners
Teachers start by teaching the beginners the basics such as rhythm, counting, aural, note recognition and playing with both hands. They will gradually progress from simple one-two line pieces to more complicated classical pieces. Everyone has to start somewhere. So let our teachers guide your child or yourself step by step to learning piano!

Learn Piano for Adults
Most adults learn piano for interest, leisure, to fulfill a childhood dream or for special occasions to impress someone eg during wedding, proposal or birthday celebrations, etc. However, it is not easy to juggle between piano lessons, work, studies, family and other commitments. We understand your needs and will help to fulfill your dream of learning piano in the shortest possible time. Sms Jo now at 9858 2761.

Learn Piano for Children
Do you see the potential in your child to become the next Beethoven or Mozart? Does your child pester you to let him/ her learn piano? Does your child enjoy and appreciate music so much that he/ she will play with the piano or keyboard on his/ her own or dance to his/ her own sway? Don’t wait anymore. Start now! The best time to learn piano is when they are young (5 years old and above) because they are most eager and capable of absorbing the musical information and to train their agile hands and creative minds. Proper musical foundations should be laid at this crucial time before the window period of opportunity is missed and gone.

Sms Jo now at 9858 2761 to find out more about the 1-1 class we offer for you.

Watch the inspiring video of this Chinese girl with a special hand play the piano